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NameSha Gojyo
Voice Actor (Japanese)Hirata Hiroaki
Weight75 kg
Height184 cm
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBright red (blood red in GS Requiem)
Blood TypeB
SpeciesHalf-Human Half-Youkai (Taboo)
BirthdayNovember 9
FavoritesWomen, Liquor, Cigarettes, Gambling (cards), Mahjongg, Picking a fight with Goku and stealing his food
WeaponJakujou (a staff with a crescent-moon shaped blade attached at the end with chains)
Memorable Quote?Bakazaru (Stupid monkey)!?
God ProfileKenren Taisho is an army soldier in Tenkai but is said to be much stronger than the average gods. Being different from the displeasing Konzen, he likes the flowers, women, and the liquor that makes him feel contented in Heaven. He doesn?t respect his seniors very much and smokes as well like in his human/youkai form. His actions and attitude should have caused him to be expelled from the Army if it weren?t for his adjutant Tenpo who is a wise tactician.
Human ProfileGojyo comes from a taboo intercourse between a human and a demon, which is said to bring misfortune. The proof of his being half-youkai half-human is his red hair and eyes. He was taken care of by his demon stepmother and her son Jien?the stepbrother of Gojyo since they have the same father. Because he resembles her husband and a strange woman, she attacks him at times until it grew serious and Jien had to kill her himself and ran away. As he grew up he gets by life through gambling and women often flock to him. He found Gono (who changed into Hakkai) and lived together in his apartment 3 years before they were summoned to prevent Gyumao?s revival with Goku and Sanzo.
Spoilers? Gojyo in the Journey to the West is the Water Demon. Their weapons are similar, but he isn?t a short, thickly-bearded, dark-haired man?and certainly not the calmest one of the party (geez, they?d better exchange places with Hakkai!). Instead, the modern half-youkai is extra loud, expressive, loves women and cigarettes, and gambles for a living. But despite that and his picking fights with Goku he remains a very reliable friend who is willing to risk everything to save his group. ? He hates being referred to as ?water monster? and ?redroach? by Goku. But when someone makes fun of him because of his red hair or abuses other taboos, he is beyond hate! ? The scars on his face are from his youkai stepmother. He also wears a bandana with the word "ki" (stands for "joy") on it. ? If you see episode 14, you will notice Gojyo has a thing with little kids?particularly little girls?and never tell them off like we expect him to as the group?s bully. I guess he actually likes some other people besides sexy women. ^_^

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