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NameCho Hakkai
Voice Actor (Japanese)Ishida Akira
Weight69 kg
Height181 cm
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Blood TypeAB
SpeciesHuman to Youkai
BirthdaySeptember 21
FavoritesLiquor, Hakuryu, Mahjongg, Gambling (cards), kids ^_^
WeaponChi Gong (an ancient Chinese form of martial art that uses your body?s energy or chi)
Memorable Quote?Yare yare desu ne (Oh dear).?
God ProfileHe is described by Kanzeon Bosatsu as ?famous as a weirdo, the man with a beautiful face? and an old friend of Konzen, he is thoroughly engrossed in books and researches like military-strategy or war history ones, and can never have a clean room because of the cluster of reading materials. Whenever he reads something ?interesting? he drifts into another world and wouldn?t hear what another was saying. Tenpo is the Field Marshal of the West Army Tenkai (Heaven) and is very short tempered, however like his human form he is kind to every person on his side. He tries to keep Kenren (Gojyo) out of trouble.
Human ProfileHe started out as a silent boy named Cho Gono who used to be feared by the children in the orphanage. As he grew up he fell in love with a woman named Kanan (in English version, Kanna) and tried his best for them to live together. However she was raped and kidnapped by the 100-Eye Demon, so he went to their tower and exterminated all 1000 of them?which made him a demon. But because of her being pregnant from the demon, she killed herself in front of him. He was taken care of by Gojyo later on and met Sanzo and Goku who arrested him to the Three Buddhas for murdering the demons. Instead of being executed, he was said to live a new life and changed his name to ?Cho Hakkai?, and since then he traveled with the other three to the West. His role of a peacemaker made him Sanzo?s adviser (but he doesn?t usually listen to him), Gojyo?s best pal and Goku?s big brother.
Spoilers? Hakkai is based on the pig of the Chinese Novel Journey to the West, who is a celestial general reincarnated as a pig as punishment to his horny ways, though Hakkai is nothing like that. ^_^ He usually smiles and is cheerful to his companions despite the fact that danger is right ahead of them, and even Gojyo or the others doesn?t know whether he?s angry, serious, or just joking at some points when he smiles. But when he does become serious, the demons?and even Sanzo?s party?better run! ? Hakkai has a unique little dragon named Hakuryuu/Hakuryu as his pet who transforms into a jeep that carries them to towns. Sometimes Hakuryu proves to be even more useful as it occasionally defends its master from demons (ex. GS Requiem). ? He has strong luck and can hold liquor better than Gojyo or Sanzo; he once beat them in a drinking competition and a gambling game as well! ? He?s also little reckless that scares the heck out of the other three?like driving his jeep down a cliff. ? He likes kids as he introduced himself as ?Ten-chan? to Goku. (in his God Form) ^_^ ? In order not to turn evil and kill like the other demons in Togenkyo, he has a Youryoku Power Limiter as clip attached his left ear. When he takes off that device, he can finish off thousands of demons. Even Goku was impressed when he used his powers to turn into an energy barrier to protect them!

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