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NameSon Goku
Voice Actor (Japanese)Hoshi Soichiro
Weight51 kg
Height162 cm
Eye ColorGolden
Hair ColorBrown
Blood TypeO
SpeciesEarth\'s Child / Youkai
BirthdayApril 5
FavoritesFood (what else), and Fighting
WeaponNyoibou (Almighty Staff), Sansetsukon (three jointed sticks), his claws and mouth (when in true form)
Memorable Quote?Haraheta (I?m hungry)!? and ?Ero kappa (You perverted water monster) / redroach!?
God ProfileA kid was presented to the palace in Tenkai from Mt. Kaka because of a particular crime. Actually he was tricked in going there since he thought they would feed him. Kanzeon Bosatsu placed him under her nephew?s care and stayed with Konzen ever since. Konzen called him ?Goku? after his consistent bugging since according to him was easy to understand and remember for a monkey. He is playful and curious?even brought flowers to his master and folded his documents into paper planes. He became friends with Nataku, but was forbidden to do so.
Human ProfileGoku is born from a rock that contains the spirit of the world for centuries, making him rich with earth?s aura. He was imprisoned in a dark cave made of rock on top of Mt. Gogyo due to a crime he committed in an early age, and his years were frozen there. He stayed there for more than 500 years until Sanzo freed him and let him stay in the temple where he causes trouble to the dismay of the monks. He follows the highest-ranked monk anywhere and was one of the selected youkai by Sanbutusin to accompany Sanzo to his journey to the west.
Spoilers? Goku?s character is mostly similar to Monkey God in the story Journey to the West: he is playful, curious, and craving for action. But he isn?t crafty like the Monkey God. Instead he?s innocent and naive like a child although he?s already a young adult of 18. Whenever you hear someone saying he?s hungry, you know it?s Goku! ? Goku is always picked on by his companions because of his childlike attitude. But he also possesses the Youryoku Power Limiter: a gold headband or a diadem. Good thing he has that on?if he is ever released from the device?as Seiten Taisei Son Goku, Great Sage Equal to Heaven?not even the Gods can fight back! ? During his time in Tenkai (Heaven), he carried chains and shackles that Kenren (Gojyo in Heaven time) knows it?s too heavy for anyone clasped around his hands, but he can lug it around like it was nothing! It gave Kenren an idea of how powerful he is. ? Goku may be a brainless little kid who just loves to eat and kick butt at first, but he can be very emotional at times. He had a friend bird during his days at Mt. Gogyo and it visits him at the dark prison for some time and the poor guy cried so much when it died. He did the same thing when Toufa (see episode 19) and her sisters were killed. ? He may look like a pet monkey to Sanzo, but as the series continues it seems like there?s a deeper relationship between them. Goku is the only one who can snap Sanzo out of his cold and ruthless personality (see episode 20) and Sanzo is the only one that can almost stop him from destroying even in his true Seiten Taisei form. ? He hates it when people keep secrets from him (like when Gojyo didn?t say to them before about his past; see episode 4), because according to him he doesn?t have any.

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