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Voice Actor (Japanese)Takeshi Kusao
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorRed
Blood TypeA
SpeciesYoukai (Demon)
BirthdayJanuary 6
WeaponSummons other evil powers to help him defeat his enemies
God ProfileWas not a god in his past life
Human ProfileHe is a demon prince, son of Gyuuma Ou. His stepmother, Gyokumen Koushu has put his real mother into a spell and promised him to release her if he follows her orders. He has no choice but to obey her and do all the dirty work for her stepmother that includes taking away Sanzo?s Sutra for Gyuuma Ou?s revival. Has a half-sister Ririn whom he cares about very much. Although he?s a demon with an evil intention, he has a very good heart and cares for his subordinates.
SpoilersBelieves that his opponent is Goku. There?s a time he had a fight with Goku in the desert. Goku took off his headband and turned into a demon. Goku was so strong that he easily defeated Kougaiji. From that day onwards, he was always looking forward to defeat Goku and he got a chance to do so in the last few episodes where Homura opened up the new world. Kougaiji obviously got beaten really badly by the Demon Goku?

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