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Voice Actor (Japanese)Minaguchi Yuko
Weight53 kg
Height173 cm
Eye Colorviolet/purple
Hair Colorpurple
Blood TypeAB
SpeciesYoukai (Demon)
BirthdayJanuary 28
WeaponDrugs and Explosives
God ProfileWas not a god in her past life
Human ProfileA polite and kind woman, she was saved by Kougaiji from the 100-eye creature. She remained by Kougaiji?s side ever since that accident. She is entrusted by Kougaiji to take care of Ririn, his half-sister. She is very royal to Kougaiji. Although she knows that their enemies were Sanzo and his company, she is still kind to them ESPECIALLY Hakkai. In fact too kind?
SpoilersShe gets along very well with Hakkai and company. There?s a time where Ririn got lost and she stumbled upon Sanzo?s party. Hakkai told her to jump in his jeep and look for Ririn together. There?s also this time where she got kidnapped and Hakkai nearly lost his life saving her. This chemistry between them really drove the viewers nuts. It was like when she got hurt he?s the one who cured her using his inner strength and when he?s hurt she uses her medicine to cure him. Whenever they meet again to have a battle they didn?t seem interested to fight and ended up helping each other ALL THE TIME. Well whatever it is? they don?t seem to be enemies?

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