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Voice Actor (Japanese)Matsumoto Masaru
Weight81 kg
Height189 cm
Eye Colori\'m not sure... Dark color
Hair ColorBlack
Blood TypeO
SpeciesYoukai (Demon)
BirthdayMay 13
WeaponBig Curved Sword
God ProfileWas not a god in his past life
Human ProfileOne of Kougaiji?s subordinate, he is Gojyo?s half-brother. His real name is She Jien (whom Gojyo calls him). Good-natured and friendly, he is not totally evil but his blind devotion to Kougaiji who helped him find meaning in his life is admirable.
SpoilersAlthough he and Gojyo are enemies, he still remembers him as a younger brother whom he cares about very much. He was the one who killed his own mother when his mother wanted to kill Gojyo. There are obstacles they went through together in a cave, when Dokugakuji?s arm got injured, Gojyo tied his injured arm with his bandanna. Although Gojyo didn?t want to remember the bitter memories he had, he still remember Dogukaguji as his half-brother who killed his own mother because of Gojyo.

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