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Episode 10 - Fake the Face Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Fake the Face. Written by Rollie
There were fake people acting as Sanzo and his group....Sanzo, Goku, Hakkai and Goyyjo were put in jail because the villagers thought that they were the fake ones!!! One demon processed the fake Sanzo and his group members and then they tried to attack the real Sanzo and his group members. Of course..the fake Sanzo and his members were super lousy...The real Sanzo went to find the demon controlling the fake Sanzo and his members...The real Sanzo chanted his sutra and all the villagers wre surprised and realized that he was the real Sanzo!!! The villagers apologised to him but as usual he can\'t be bothered..*haha* The real Sanzo told the fake Sanzo and his members that he does not want to see them again...and off they ran away so frightened!!! And also off the real Sanzo and his members continue their journey!!!

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Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Fake the Face. Written by Genki Genjo (
In a village, an old man is telling some children a story dealing with the monk Sanzo Hoshi-sama; 400 years ago, he saved the village from the youkais with his three companions. If they\'ll be in danger again he\'ll probabily come to help. The man in question, on the jeep, has just joined Gojyo and Goku in a quarrel, despite Hakkai\'s requests to calm down because they\'re arriving in a village (what a coincidence! It\'s the village of before). The four are walking along the streets when a child recognises Sanzo and in a twinkling they find themselves in a house, venerated and admirated by all the inhabitants. Sanzo is going to refuse all what they\'re offering (wanting to avoid all the Sanzo-stuff he\'s usually asked to do) but Goku and Gojyo put their hands on his mouth saying Sanzo accepts all, plus he wants some food (Goku), women (Gojyo) and sake (even Hakkai!). In that moment a group of four very ugly persons who vaguelly recall Sanzo-tachi arrive and call our heroes "imposters", because THEY are the real Sanzo\'s party!! Sanzo tries hard but can\'t help laughing with the others. ^^ Now the village leader doesn\'t know who he has to trust... and obviously, our friends find themselves closed in a cellar accused to be imposters (Sanzo is quite happy^^). But nothing to worry, Goku breaks the grate and they force the guard to serve them lots of food, cigarettes and alcoholics. The false group instead is having a very frugal lunch, plus the false Sanzo has to make a long sermon. Well... who\'s the real Sanzo\'s party is going to be revealed soon. In fact a youkai take control of the mind of the false group which attacks the real one. All the inhabitants stare wide-eyes at our heroes easily beating up their copies and at Sanzo (who is little-smiling... probabily he\'s having fun^^) using the sutra and the shoureiju to kill the youkai. The village leader thanks them, but Sanzo answers they\'ve fought only for themselves and not for helping them. Leader: "Anyway you have my admiration, Sanzo-sama. You surely had to work hard to obtain that strenght". Sanzo: "Are you joking? If there\'s something I can\'t stand, that\'s the hard work!" The false group runs away scared, and who they meet on the road? Kougaiji and his group! They present themselves as the Sanzo\'s party... just to be beaten up again and decide not to pretend being the Sanzo-tachi any more.^^

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