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Episode 13 - Crude Counterfeit Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Crude Counterfeit. Written by Rei
The gang is starving! Espeically Goku. When they smell a delicious smell, radiating from an old temple, the gang investigates. THey come to find 2 child monks, and they claim that their masters have gone away. They give the gang odd seeds, but Everyone BUt goku knows that they are demons. GOku wants to stay because he is starving, and would rather eat those seeds than nothing. So he stays behind while the gang goes on. Goku eats the seeds, and is surprised to find that the child monks are demons. THe seeds are no ordinary seeds of course.

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Crude Counterfeit. Written by James Roman
They found a city to rest near the forest that people said was forest of the spirit. In the restaurant, they eat a lot then Sanzo told them that they will stay them for one night and when the morning comes they will continue their jorney. So Gojyo knew that he have short time in that city so he went for a walk to find women, while walking he bump a notorius man that scare him that if he will not give all his money he will knock him down, but Gojyo was not scared, in just one kick he knock down the notorius gay. The little girl saw what he did so she follow him, then Gojyo notice that that girl is keep following him so he ran and hide but the girl still found him so they talk and the girl want to hire Gojyo and the little tell the reason why it is because of the demon that kidnap all his family and friend, so in that explaination Gojyo was agree to be hire by the girl to have revenge but the little girl have no money so she gave her nicklace. On going out side the restaurant where they talk, Goku seen Gojyo with the little girl, Goku tell what he see to Hakkai which is with him in shopping, but when Hakkai turn his head where Goku is pointing his hand, he didn\'t see Gojyo just other people...

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Crude Counterfeit. Written by Rose dulist
sha gojyo wakes up on thursday morning, looking out the window watching all the little kids walk by heading to school. he gets dressed and heads to the kitchen reaches on top of the fridge and grabs a ciggerette and lights it. goyjo walks out the door heading in the same direction where all the students were heading. On the other side of town a girl was just moving into an apartment with her 5 other friends. Daisy, violet, rose, chrys, blossom and a girl alex. where would you like us to put this miss the guy asks. in the first room alex replied. it took the girls 2 hours to unpack and straighten up. alex i know you didn\'t want to move here but you have to make the best of it daisy said, walking into alex\'s room. look i don\'t need your advice alex yelled. she put her stuff away and headed out. where are you going daisy asked. out for a walk i asked. you don\'t know your way around daisy said, so what i\'ll find my way. alex walked out the apartment. alex walked down the block heading across the street to the mall, alex walked across and tripped and fell. Gojyo saw alex fell and ran in front of the car and grab alex. they both hit the ground with a thud. alex opened her eyes and saw Gojyo on the ground. alex ran over to him, hey you okay alex asked hey. gojyo opened his eyes and sat up. you okay alex asked again. yeah i\'m fine he said you okay, yeah alex replied. alex helped gojyo up and saw that he cut himself. alex looked in her backpack and grab a bandana and wrapped it around his arm. thanks he said, no need to thank me i should be thanking you. you saved my life alex added. your not from around here are you he asked. no not really i just moved here alex said, me and my friends travel alot. but you don\'t want to hear about it. yeah i would how about you tell me about it over dinner tonight he asked. dinner...tonight aled said shocked. yeah dinner goyjo said. gojyo took a piece of paper and took alex\'s pen from her hand and wrote ...... 215-588-9694 Sha gojyo. think about it when you get your answer call me. he said. fine i will alex said. gotta go bye. alex ran off. alex walked in the house looking happier then before. hello guys alex said happy. what happen to you? daisy asked. nothing i just met a cute guy alex said. you did what they all shouted. he gave me his number and a picture of him, alex added. then he asked me to dinner. well what did you tell him daisy asked. i said i would call him alex said. alex picked up the phone and dialed the number. hey gojyo i got my answer yes i would love to alex said. okay then i\'ll pick you up at 8:00 sharp. gojyo said. okay then alex replied. alex was ready wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a black jacket. their was a roar like a motorcycle. the girls went to the window and saw gojyo sitting on a motorcycle. hey you coming he yelled. yeah hold on alex said. alex left the apartment and ran down stairs. he was looking at her. you look beautiful he said. okay hope you don\'t mind the motorcycle he said. no not at all alex replied. gojyo helped alex onto the motorcycle. hold on gojyo said. hey you don\'t mind if we go to a party he asked. no problem alex said. they arrived at the club gojyo helped alex of the bike. well what do you think gojyo said. alex followed gojyo inside. wanna dance he asked alex. sure why not alex replied. gojyo and alex walked to the dance floor and danced. they left at 10:45 pm. hey you want some ice cream gojyo asked. sure why not alex said. you wanna share a banana split he asked sure alex said. they sat their eating the the banana split. so we lived in england for 2 years after i left my family, then we moved here. alex said. it was getting late. back at the house everyone else was waiting for alex to get home. where is she daisy said. hey give her a break come on violet said. they heard a motorcycle pull up. they went to the window and saw alex ad gojyo. gojyo kissed alex on the cheek and said goodbye. alex walked up to the apartment and opened the door. the girls were all asleep, or pretending at least. alex walked in her room got changed and got in the bed. alex sat their thinking about what happen. across town gojyo walked in the other guys sitting and smoking. so how was the date it was okay gojyo said. well we better turn in we got work to do tomorrow genjo said. they all walked into theri rooms. gojyo walked in his room and laid on the bed looking at the picture alex gave him then he remembered something she said: hey if you have time maybe we can hang out again. i\'ll get back to you on that. gojyo rolled over and look at the ceiling at alexs apartment she looked at the veiling and drifted off to sleep. daisy and the girls were talking whatever gojyo did to alex i\'m glad she did maybe we should stay here for a while daisy said. Maybe we should violet said. they all stood their looking at alex she had a smile on her face and she looked happier then before. alex thought i really like gojyo maybe he might be the one. alex went to sleep.

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