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Episode 17 - Eden Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Eden. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
Goku complains as usual that he?s hungry & Hakkai says they should soon be at a town called Tofugai.As Goku & Gojyo fight,calling eachother ?baka saru?& ?red water monster?,Hakkai suddenly swerves sharply.Gojyo asks if Hakkai saw an animal or something,but instead of answering,he only looks out of the jeep.Soon,everyone realizes the reason?a female youkai is standing before the jeep & asks to be brought to Tofugai then collapses.The Sanzo-ikkou are suspicious but decide to go along as long as she does not turn against them.They then reach a cliff edge,Hakkai is puzzled since Tofugai should have been there.At this point,the youkai,who had been unconscious,awakens & says Tofugai is at the bottom of the cliff.Hakkai tells everyone to hang on & abruptly drives off the cliff at top speed.Goku & Gojyo scream & cling onto one another for dear life with Gojyo yelling if Hakkai had gone mad & scolding him for being reckless.When they finally reach the bottom,they arrive at a huge gate.Sanzo then points his gun at her,demanding to know her motives,but she calmly replies it?s her duty to bring them there.She walks through the gates leaving them.Not knowing what else to do,they enter as well.The Sanzo-ikkou come to a castle without meeting a single person & are met with a strange sight,hordes of youkai statue are all around the castle,some even seemed to be climbing the walls.Sanzo sensed that each of these statues were still alive & as he tries to touch one of them,it explodes.The youkai appears at the castle front then & explains that Sanzo?s aura was too strong for the statue to endure.She tells them her Master Wu Han had protected the town from many evils & prophesized that Tofugai would enter dark times.It proved to be true when youkai in the town went berseck,attacking others without reason.Wu Han changed them to stone.He had also said 4 guys would come to save them,it?s the reason she brought them & adds that she?s going to put them through a test.Suddenly,Gojyo,Hakkai & Goku turn into stone statues as well,Sanzo reaches out to them but remembers the exploding statue earlier & he turns angrily towards the youkai,shooting at her.However,she disappears through a trapdoor into the castle.He chases her through a labyrinth of corridors,eventually arriving at a door & finds a large group of youkai who immediately shield themselves from him.The she-youkai appears, telling him his aura is so strong they can even see it,then says he should come to see her master & he remarks,?so I finally get to meet the big boss.? On the way,he asks how she?s able to keep her consciousness & she explains it?s coz of the robe made by Wu Han. They enter a room & Sanzo is shocked that Master Wu Han is just a dead body. However,the she-youkai?s robe starts glowing & Wu Han speaks to Sanzo,telling him he has reached his final moments & implores Sanzo to save his people.But Sanzo retorts that that the people have to be saved from Wu Han,who is reigning them even from his grave. The she-youkai falls then & the castle begins to break up with the last of Wu Han?s energy gone.Sanzo says they have to bring everyone out,but she insists on staying to protect Wu Han.Sanzo slaps her,telling her to see he?s just a dead body.As they start running,she says bringing the others out would turn them to stone & he says what they?d be facing is much worse than that.The statues had all changed to youkai & started attacking when they stepped out.The she-youkai is shocked by the chaos & Sanzo tells her this is what was happening all over Togenkyo.Suddenly,she shout that Tofugai?s peace will be kept & tells her people to come to her to be saved.As their life-force flow towards her,her robe glows & she seals Tofugai within a bubble to wait for better times. When the Sanzo-ikkou leave,Sanzo murmurs,?Peace within a marble??.

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