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Episode 18 - Vice or Justice Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Vice or Justice. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
There?re reports of demons going missing & Yaone sets out to investigate the cause. The Sanzo-ikkou are traveling along with Goku whining,?Hot!Hot!Hot!?& saying he will become smoked meat soon.Gojyo makes fun of him saying who would want to buy a smoked saru(monkey).They then come upon a private army,the Anti-Demon Special Unit,Huang Long.A guy suddenly calls out to them & it turns out to be Tongpu,a friend of Gojyo and Hakkai from the town they lived in.He had joined Huang Long to correct the chaos in the world.They arrange to meet the next day.Yaone is captured by the army(d cause of d missing youkai)even though she fought back with her spear & explosives.The Sanzo-ikkou learn from Tongpu that the army is creating a secret weapon & also that a youkai fitting Yaone?s description had been captured.Hakkai wants to go save her although she?s their enemy.Sanzo says they should infiltrate the camp at night as Gojyo & Goku will attract attention otherwise,& he?s met with loud protests from Gojyo & Goku.At the camp, they split up.Goku knocks down some spears & is nearly caught but is saved by Gojyo.Hakkai on the other hand comes across Tongpu who?s on patrol. They hear a huge explosion & Hakkai knocks Tongpu unconscious to find out what it?s about---Kougaiji & Dokugakuji had launched an attack.Hakkai finds Yaone & as he brings her out to Kougaiji,he is stabbed by Tongpu who thinks they are traitors to humans.Hakkai explains they are on neither side,just then,the army general comes out with a huge demon(created by pouring 1000 demons? blood on humans)& attacks the Sanzo-ikkou and Kougaiji & co. Gojyo & Goku attack the monster while Lilin gives her famous Lilin-Kick.The monster collapses towards Tongpu but Hakkai rescues him,Tongpu asks why & Hakkai repeats that they are on neither side & also adds that Tongpu had purposely missed a vital point.Hakkai then uses his Chi energy to destroy the monster once & for all.As they part without fighting.Lilin tells Sanzo,?Hey,Drooping eyes,be ready for me the next time you see me!? He tells her irritably to go home.Tongpu learns that no one should teach you who your enemy is or isn?t & no one should decide for you either.

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Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Vice or Justice. Written by Genki Genjo (
During their journey towards west, Sanzo and the others meet Tonpuu, an old friend of Gojyo and Hakkai, who is now a member of the "Special anti-youkai squad Fanlon", a sort of private army formed by humans to protect cities and villages from youkais. The 5 go out to drink something together, and during the conversation Tonpuu talks about the female youkai who has attacked their camp last night; defeated, now she\'s been imprisoned somewhere in the camp. From the description which Tonpuu gives (very beautiful, alone, uses a spear and bombs) the Sanzo-ikkou understand she\'s Yaone (only Goku, at first, didn\'t understand that^^). In fact, Yaone\'s intention was to investigate about a mysterious place where lots of youkais have disappeared recently (the place is obviously the Fanlon camp). Hakkai doesn\'t know what to do: Yaone is an enemy, but he doesn\'t feel like going to the next city without doing something. He decides to save her; his friends agree to help him. That night, they enter the camp, separated. Goku makes noises and is going to be discovered by a soldier, but Gojyo stuns the soldier. The 2 start a whispered arguing^^; Hakkai hears them, but he hasn\'t time to worry because he meets Tonpuu. A big explosion is heard, so Hakkai punches Tonpuu and runs away. The explosion has been provocated by Kougaiji, who, worried more than never for Yaone, is destroying the camp with Doku and Lirin. Even Sanzo and Gojyo, reunited, find this destruction terrible. Hakkai stops Kou, ready to return him Yaone whom he\'s just rescued. But Tonpuu stabs him from behind, accusing him to be on youkais\' side. In that moment, the leader of Fanlon army comes out with a big spider youkai who attacks our heroes. This youkai is going to kill Tonpuu, but Hakkai saves his friend. Tonpuu doesn\'t understand... Hakkai says he\'s not on humans\' or youkais\' side, he does only what he feels doing. Then he kills the youkai, who has already made weaker by the others\' attacks. The 2 groups leaves (Kou as usual says "Next time, we\'ll have a real fight"). While going away from the camp, Sanzo thinks: "Who are you friends, who are your enemies, it\'s not a thing that others can say or decide for you. It\'s something you decide for yourself. Right?"

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