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Episode 19 - Don\'t Go Alone Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Don\'t Go Alone. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
This episode begins with the Sanzo-ikkou having a face-off with four female youkai,then there is a flashback on how they met the day before.The 4 youkai(who are actually sisters) were having car trouble,but since the sisters Shunfa,Shenfa,Shufa & Toufa wore power control devices,appearing as humans,the Sanzo-ikkou offered them a lift into the nearby town,where they even had dinner together.As they part,Sanzo warns the others about getting too close to the girls,Gojyo scoffs off the warning while Goku asks why not.They are then suddenly attacked by flying daggers & Sanzo was saved from an explosion by Hakkai.Gojyo heads to the gambling den,saying he wants to earn some money,& Sanzo goes off in the opposite direction to the inn.Shunfa(the eldest sister)is then seen in her room talking to someone,as she removes her clothing,a huge eye is revealed on her right arm(later said to be a parasitic demon).It asks her why she has not killed the Sanzo-ikkou & if she still values her sisters? lives.Gojyo meets Shenfa at the gambling den & he wins lots of money that night,causing him to call her his Goddess of Victory. They move off to a quiet area,but when Gojyo is about to kiss her,he sees tears in her eyes, he goes off saying he?s not that desperate yet.Meanwhile,Hakkai & Goku come upon Shufa & Toufa(who is the same age as Goku.He has a crush on her too =D!) carrying heavy bags & Hakkai offers to help.Goku is seen grumbling but when Toufa asks if he can manage,he blushes and says its alright.They go to an inn to eat and drink,when Goku & Toufa fall asleep at the table & Hakkai has gone elsewhere,Shufa raises a dagger to kill Goku but hesitates,just then Hakkai comes back carrying more liquor.He pretends not to have seen but simply smiles,offering her some liquor,saying it tastes good.Shunfa goes to Sanzo in his room,bringing along some rare liquor.He asks her point-blank what she wants with them.She is shocked but replies that they have no other paths to take.He asks her,?You say there is only one path available but who decided that you have no other paths?? As she leaves,she begins to ask,?Can you do me a favour?If we lose all our paths??but stops halfway.She leaves a note for her sisters to tell them they need not worry about her anymore & goes off by herself to kill the Sanzo-ikkou,who are leaving town. But her sisters decide to join her.They remove their power control devices(earrings).The parasitic demon is revealed in the attack,Hakkai spots it for what it is saying it assimilates vital organs & can?t be killed without killing the host.The sisters are terribly disappointed,Shunfa tries to drive a dagger into the eye but it throws her into spasms of pain & also reveals that it had planted sarcomas into all the other sisters,it mocks the Sanzo-ikkou saying,?You won?t be able to kill me as you can?t kill them.? However, Sanzo recalls Shunfa?s incomplete question & realized what she wanted---freedom for her sisters & herself.Using the sutra and the shoureiju,he kills them.It ends with Goku crying bitterly for the sisters which was quite a heart-wrenching scene.

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Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Don\'t Go Alone. Written by Zi Shuang
Sanzo, Haikkai, Gojyo and Goku met four beautiful girls. One of the girls, who has to follow the instructions of the one-eyed demon that to kill Sanzo and the others. If the girl failed to kill sanzo and others, the one-eyed demon will kill her other three sisters and herself. But the sisters liked and admired them. She had no choice but to kill Sanzo and the others.

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