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Episode 2 - First Game Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 2 - First Game . Written by Rory Pascual
Gojyo and Goku are arguing in the jeep, much to the annoyance of Sanzo. But Hakkai thankfully breaks the impending quarrel by saying that they should be arriving in a town soon. Arriving at the town of Kaiwai, the Sanzo-ikkou enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by a shy young girl named Houmei. When Sanzo asks Houmei\'s father about the youkai condition in the town, as expected the youkai had gone berserk, leaving the town with ten people dead. Houmei is shown to be a youkai hater, and Goku learns that it was because her best friend was murdered by demons. Goku is naturally shocked by this reply, especially since he himself is (supposedly) a youkai, but chooses to keep his silence because he truly liked the girl. Meanwhile, a group of traveling performers arrive at the inn, and Sanzo eyes them suspiciously. Although Sanzo remarks that it was the safer option for them to sleep together in one room, he couldn\'t stand to sleep with any of his companions, and orders them dismissed. In Tenjiku, Kougaiji is informed by Yaone of activity in the east, but Kou tells his pretty aide that he has prepared an ambush. As expected, the traveling performers are youkai and one attempts to attack Sanzo in his sleep. But Sanzo\'s prepared and shoots the youkai. Unfortunately, the leader of the band, a Spider Woman, has taken Houmei hostage and traps Sanzo in her web. Gojyo and Hakkai easily dispatch the youkai who attacked them. Surprisingly, Goku beats up the youkai who tries to kill him while asleep. Sanzo, on the other hand, is about to be eaten by the Spider Woman, believing that eating such a high-ranked monk could give her eternal life. But Gojyo & co. show up, taking potshots at Sanzo by saying he\'s too tough to eat even if cooked or steamed. As Sanzo is freed, Hakkai quickly grabs Houmei from the Spider Woman. Wounded by Goku\'s staff, she transforms into a giant spider. Houmei wakes up and screams at the sight of the evil demon. There\'s a gunshot. It\'s Houmei\'s father with Sanzo\'s gun, who gives it to the monk. The Spider Woman then proceeds to eat her men to gain power and heal her wounds. Houmei stares in shock. Seeing the two helpless humans, the youkai attacks, but is blocked by Goku. She then asks Goku why he is siding with humans, when he is a youkai. Hearing this, Houmei accuses Goku of being a liar and shouts at him to stay away. Still, Goku protects the girl, saying that he was doing so because he loved her cooking. With Sanzo using the Maten Kyoumou (Evil Sutra), he stops the youkai dead in its tracks while Goku kills it. As this was going on, Hakkai tells Houmei that there\'s a reason why the youkai are running havoc and that she shouldn\'t allow differences in race to keep people apart. The next morning, the Sanzo-ikkou are leaving. For awhile, Goku thought that Houmei was angry with him, but the girl shows up with packed lunch, an unspoken sign of her remorse for the cruel things she said to Goku. The episode ends with Gojyo and Goku quarreling over the food that Houmei gave them.

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