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Episode 21 - Selfish Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 21 - Selfish. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
As the castle continues to crack up,Gojyo demands the youkai for an antidote to the venom she used on Sanzo & threatens to kill her,but she refuses & even brags that she can?t be killed since she became immortal after eating the previous Sanzo.At this,Sanzo awakens & kills her with his shoureiju even though he can barely move,saying,?You guys can?t do anything without my help??he then become unconscious again.By this time,Hakkai retrieves Sanzo?s Evil Sutra(he could not find the other Sanzo?s sutra) & passes it to Gojyo,then promptly raises an energy barrier to shield their heads from the falling sand.Just as they think that their fates were sealed with no route of escape & Hakkai unable to hold the barrier much longer,a Red Wing blasts them out into the open. Kougaiji had rescued them.Hakuryu flies back to them but is too exhausted to transform into a jeep for them to bring Sanzo into the village to treat him, & Goku (who had taken it upon himself to take care of Sanzo)decides to carry him all the way through the sweltering heat into the village.However,Kougaiji stops him & offers his vehicle Hiryu only on the condition that Goku fights & kills him.If Goku loses,Kougaiji would get the Evil Sutra.Goku decides to fight wanting to protect Sanzo & realizes he cannot afford to lose?he turns to Hakkai & tells him to take care of Sanzo & also to stop him no matter what later on---he had decided to transform into Seiten Taishi(since he could not kill Kougaiji in his present form).Meanwhile,Gojyo challenges Dokugakuji by saying he?ll get sulky if he?s ignored.But seeing Goku remove his headband(power contol device) & transform caused them to freeze in mid-fight.The fight which followed was spectacular, Goku even got rid of the demon Kougaiji had summoned to help him fight when he realized he alone could not defeat Seiten Taishi.Kougaiji gets really badly wounded.The fight leaves everyone shocked & Gojyo remarks that it is not like a fight at all,Goku was actually enjoying it.

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Episode Summary for Episode 21 - Selfish. Written by Rose duelist
It was a bright and beautiful day people were walking this way and that. like they were rats running through a mze. Alex left the house at 7:45 that morning heading to school. on they way she passed sha gojyo and the others apartment. well it couldn\'t hurt for me to stop by alex thought, since i haven\'t seen sha in at least a week. alex walked up to the apartment building heading inside. alex hopped on the elvator to keep her from the struggle of climbing the stairs. alex got off at the 21st floor. she turned the corner and headed down the hallway. geez they couldn\'t get an apartment on the first floor alex whispered to herself. alex walked up to the door and knocked on the door. sanzo opened the door. hey alex whats up he asked. nothin just on my way to school alex said, is sha here? he\'s still asleep sanzo replied. man how long can he sleep alex whispered to herself. well alex said. walking through the door, i could go wake him up. i wouldn\'t do that sanzo said. why not alex replied. lets just say sha is really tired sanzo added. so alex yelled. alex walked passed sanzo and headed towards gojyo\'s room. then she saw sanzo run pass her and block her way. move it sanzo alex said. thats when alex stood their for a least a second and alex gripped sanzo upand threw him right into son goku. alex opened the door and saw sha asleep. alex walked over towards the bed. she sat on the edge and leaned over and kissed him on the lips. he opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around her. hey sha said. aren\'t you supposed to be in school? well tenically alex said yeah. alex got up and walked out of the room with sha behind her. what happen to you he asked sanzo. sanzo pointed at alex. she threw me cause i wouldn\'t let her in your room he yelled. aw don\'t you look adorable alex said walking out the door. i\'ll see you tonight alex said to sha. what is she talkin about sanzo asked gojyo. she\'s spending the whole weekend with me gojyo said. as if things couldn\'t get any worse sanzo said to goku they just got worse. alex walked out the door. 12:00 midnight Alex laid on gojyo\'s chest with the blankets over both of them. hey whats wrong gojyo asked? oh nothing alex replied. she laid their. i was just thinking alex said. what gojyo asked. well it seems like us seeing each other is interfereing with our friends alex said. well should we break up gojyo asked. no alex said. why he asked. cause for once in my life i feel like i with someone who treats me like i\'m special. so my answer is no alex said. what about you? no way he said i love and care about you, and i will cherish you forever he said rubbing his finger on alex\'s cheek. hey wanna come with us to take care of some buisness tomorrow gojyo asked. sure alex said. within 20 seconds alex and gojyo were fast asleep. should we bother them sanzo said. no leave them alone goku said, for once gojyo is happy, come on lets go to sleep. goku and sanzo headed back to their rooms.

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