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Episode 23 - Scapegoat Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Scapegoat. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
The Sanzo-ikkou arrive at a small village with a suspicious-looking castle overlooking it from a hill.At the village,they find a procession carrying someone in a sedan chair.Goku gets excited thinking a festival with lots of food was about to begin.However,it turns out to be a farewell ritual for an annual sacrifice to the demons in the castle,who would fire a cannon & destroy the village otherwise.As the sedan chair got closer,Hakkai is shocked---the girl resembled his dead girlfriend,Kana.He suddenly jumps in front of the procession & tells them to stop this nonsense,almost starting a fight, but Sanzo fires Shoureiju & asks to see the village head.However,the village head refuses to stop the sacrifice(causing Goku to say,?I knew he would say that.?& Gojyo goes,?They are so used to being losers.?) saying Houfa had volunteered to be the sacrifice & its for the good of the residents.Hakkai is furious & tells him Houfa is also one of the residents & asks if she need not be protected.Houfa\'s boyfriend confronts Hakkai saying the two of them really want to live but have no other choice,& Hakkai asks if letting his lover be sacrificed to youkai is what he considers living.Finally,he decides to save her & was about to go off himself but Gojyo tells him to include him if he?s planning something fun & Goku jumps about with excitement while Sanzo only snorts to show he?s in.Hakkai is visibly relieved that his friends are with him.At night when Houfa is left on the road to be taken by demons,she draws out a knife to kill herself,Hakkai stops her & tells her to run away,but she refuses & asks why he?s doing this for her.Having no choice,he says sadly that something similar happened to him & at that time he was unable to save her coz he was not strong enough.Touched by his story,she suddenly hurls herself against him & hugs him,saying she?s grateful to him.Poor Hakkai is again reminded of Kana,but composes himself & asks her cheerfully if she was a good cook & requests her to cook for them once everything was over.At this,Goku who had been hiding with the rest of the Sanzo-ikkou in a side alley pops out to say he wants fried noodles & is immediately battered by Gojyo for giving them away while Sanzo says to kill him.=D Hakkai then says,?As they said??& Houfa laughs at their antics.The plan that Hakkai has---he himself would go as Houfa & kill the youkai leader,Gojyo would disguise as a youkai to enter the castle & destroy the cannon,while Sanzo & Goku would act as decoys to keep them busy & prevent them firing the cannon at the village.Houfa meanwhile went to persuade the villagers to help the Sanzo-ikkou,but they were stubborn & refused,only her boyfriend supported her.Hakkai finds that the youkai leader is stronger than expected, on firing with his Chi energy the youkai splits into hundreds of bats,then reforms again. Gojyo sneaks up to the cannon but finds a youkai(the Prince of the castle) there waiting to fight with him.He stops Gojyo & asks underlings to blow up the village.Sanzo & Goku are met with a hundred youkai,Goku uses his staff while Sanzo uses Shoureiju,killing most of the youkai,but Goku eventually has no energy due to hunger & Sanzo threatens to kill him.Just then,the villagers come to help them,& Sanzo & Goku smile with relief. Everything goes well & the cannon is destroyed?freedom for the villagers,while Houfa & her boyfriend learn they must carve out their own destiny & protect their love with their own hands.At this point,Goku,totally exhausted from hunger,falls at Houfa?s feet (startling her)& begs her for some food,everyone simply starts laughing.

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