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Episode 24 - Mother Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Mother. Written by Seema aka Uncaged Sphinx
The Sanzo-ikkou enter a village that looks really dead.They could not even get food at the inn they were staying in,due to shortage of water & food supplies at the village.When Goku says he?s about to die from hunger,Gojyo tells Goku to show him how he does it.At this,Goku looks extremely weak & sick,then collapses.Worried,Gojyo exclaims that he will go & get some food,on hearing this Goku immediately revives to make his order of dumplings, even going as far as to say how much garlic he wants in it,only to get smacked on the head by an exasperated Gojyo.Sanzo orders Gojyo to go get the food,remarking that real men should mean what they say.Gojyo leaves in a huff but not before grabbing Goku?s collar & dragging him along as well.As they walk,they see a lady (Yang Ming) being thrown out of a shop,with the shopowner yelling that he would rather throw the food away than give it to her.Gojyo goes forward,asking if this is the way to treat a lady.However,when the shopowner sees Gojyo & recognizes that he?s half-youkai & half-human,he gets scared & hurriedly puts out food for YangMing,quickly slamming his door shut. YangMing grabs the food & runs away from Gojyo,causing him to ask Goku if there?s anything on his face.Goku replies that his face says,?I love women!? Later,they run into her again & she apologizes for running.Thinking that Gojyo was going to take ages to flirt with her,Goku returns to the room & when Hakkai & Sanzo inquire about Gojyo, Goku simply pretends to hold a girl & smooch her.=D However,Gojyo finds out she used to have a youkai boyfriend who went wild due to the recent strange events occurring all over Togenkyo.She takes out a baby from the basket she?s holding,with wine-red hair & eyes just like Gojyo,& explains that she had been startled at the sight of him & also surprised that he could live confidently like a normal human.Just then,several villagers come to attack them (they thought that YangMing had called in demon friends to come take over the village,also blaming her & her child for the spree of bad luck the village was facing.)YangMing tries to tell them Gojyo has nothing to do with her while Gojyo explains that strange events have occurred everywhere,not just here,but the villagers are in a rage & not listening.Just then,YangMing cries out in agony & transforms into a vicious bee-woman.She had been stung by a Queen bee (a ?toy? Dr Ni Jen Yi created to control people?s minds,which feeds off negative emotions). She tries to attack the villagers & is stopped by Gojyo,the villagers run away terrified but she turns on Gojyo for getting in her way,attacking him with painful needles.The rest of the Sanzo-ikkou arrive then,they had come out looking for Gojyo since he was late.Goku wants to help Gojyo but is not allowed to.Hakkai & Sanzo then notice the Queen bee on the back of YangMing?s neck & realize what had happened.YangMing,in her despair,blames all the bad things that have happened on her baby & decides to kill it,but is stopped by Gojyo.He does not want the baby to go through the same thing that happened to him before & tells her all mothers love their children.Hearing this,YangMing momentarily surfaces,crying & saying she?s sorry but can?t control her body anymore.However,the moment passes & she attacks again.He lets her attack him & when she got close,he attacked the Queen bee.He collapses from the effort but as the others rush to him,they realize he has a smile on his face.In the end,they leave the village and so do YangMing & her baby,to set out in search of her youkai boyfriend.When asked if its safe for her to leave alone,she replies that she can always transform into the Bee-woman.Gojyo says,?Huh,your needles were really painful!? & they all break down into peals of laughter.

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Mother. Written by albert
goku is smoking cigar then gojyo gave him a filter and says smoking is bad then goku saw a young demon girl and gokus her and says motherer

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