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Episode 25 - Tomfool! Tomboy! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Tomfool! Tomboy!. Written by Yasha
This is what amounts to a filler episode that appears to serve no purpose in furthering the plot. The boys are traveling (as always) when Kougaiji\'s sister Lilin decides to attack them again. Uninterested in a fight they simply turn around and leave her. Determined to battle them, Lilin sets up a trap - specifically a large tray of meat buns - in the middle of the road. Despite Goku\'s never ending hunger the guys ignore the bait. Three stupid Youkai, however, steal it for themselves. They end up being badly beaten by Lilin who then makes them her servants The three Youkai first decide to smash the jeep while the guys are eating. Fortunately Hakuryuu transforms when they aren\'t looking and summons Hakkai. The three are easily beaten. Next they are disguised as girls (can we say ugly drag queens) who pretend they are under youkai attack and beg the guys for help. Once again they are pounded into the ground. The third try sees them ambushing the guys, who are once again on the road, by blocking them in a canyon. The three youkai idiots finally learn that it is THE SANZO they\'ve been sent to kill, and they do what comes naturally to cowards - they beg Sanzo and Co. to save them. It doesn\'t work. Lilin decides to personally attack and the boys send Goku to fight her. Impressed with their leader\'s skill, the three idiot youkai again attack with much verbal commotion. Just as they are at their bravest, an alarm clock goes off. Seems Lilin has to go home now. She unblocks the canyon and bids her "faithful" men farewell. They don\'t.

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