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Episode 3 - His God My God Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 3 - His God My God. Written by Rory Pascual
Unable to get through the mountains on Hakuryu, the Sanzo-ikkou walk along a rocky trail, with Goku griping all the way, because he was always losing at a quick game of "paper-scissors-stone" every 1,000 steps and had to lug their supplies (he always chooses scissors, that\'s why he loses). They arrive at a monastery, but are initially refused entry by the monks (causing Gojyo to remark how much he "hates" monks), until they overhear Goku whining to Sanzo that he\'s hungry. Realizing that he is the great Genjo Sanzo Houshi, the group is let in, where Sanzo is given a warm welcome. Sanzo is more annoyed, though, because he knows that he would be asked to stay and preach in the temple. Unfortunately, the monks are reluctant to house the rest of the gang as well. The only reason why they are allowed to stay is because Sanzo tells the monks that they are his servants, causing a furious outburst from Gojyo and Goku. Later in their chamber, Goku complains about the not-so-filling vegetarian meal they were served. Enter a novice monk named You, who is stricken with hero worship for Sanzo. Gojyo, Hakkai and Goku could only laugh at the exalted way that You had described the crabby monk, that they remark in unison that "Ignorance is bliss". You\'s hero worship is short-lived, however, when he discovers the Sanzo-ikkou engaging in a game of mahjong while smoking and guzzling beer. As their items of vice were carted away, Sanzo learns from the boy that no youkai has attacked the monastery, confident as they were that Buddha would protect them. Hearing this, they are determined to leave the next morning before trouble falls on the temple. Sure enough, Sanzo is later called by the elders and asked to preach to them, but Sanzo rudely brushes their request off, saying that the reason why his predecessor Komyo Sanzo had refused to preach during his brief visit to their temple was because they were selfish. Meanwhile, a youkai does attack the temple and ends up killing a number of monks. Before he could kill You, the Sanzo-ikkou show up and easily dispatch the youkai. But You is in shock, and demands why it is so easy for Sanzo & co. to kill when Buddhism prohibits the taking of life. In all his tartness, Sanzo declares that the only way to get close to the gods is to die, that everyone who dies can become a Buddha, just like the monks who had just perished. However, they point out that they\'re still alive, meaning that their will to live is stronger. The next day, as they leave, You approaches Sanzo and begs him to teach him how to play mahjong when he returns. Sanzo grants the boy a very, very rare smile and says that he will remember.

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