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Episode 30 - Undertaker Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 30 - Undertaker. Written by Youkkai_Mio
The boys has stop by into a deserted town. While they were exploring, a youkai introducing himself as the Untertaker. The Undertaker is one of Homura\'s Servant whose force to kill Genjo Sanzo and the others. The Undertaker Prepared four coffins, as same sizes as them. Then he let them enjoy for a while( I dunno if he really let them enjoy before he finish them off or something. just e-mail me if not.period.). Then, while Sanzo-ikkou were in the bar, they saw a hallucination ( or whatever it called.) of all the people before the Undertaker killed everyone in this town. So, the boys think of a plan. It\'s mess time for them as they paint all over the walls of the town. The Undertaker saw it. Then they\'ve becan to fight. ( It\'s a terrible mess out ther. If I were you, I\'ll never leave home w/o my cleaning diseffectant.:p) But the coffins are out of the way. They\'ve think of a tactic and destroy the coffins first. Then they are now beating up the Undertaker for what he done.

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