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Episode 32 - Fake Star Strike Back Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Fake Star Strike Back. Written by Youkai_mio
Rem Eps 10 of GS? well, the four fake Sanzo-ikkou are living quite satisfy now since they\'re learn a lesson from the boys.( Or i\'ll be!)The fake Sanzo & Hakkai ( the big fat bouvine or something!) are having a bussiness of fried noodles, They saw Sanzo & the gand, and they got petrified beause they think they will make revenge of what they done. Of couse the other fake Goku & Gojyo ( CURSE YE !!!!!!!!!) know it too. they are trying to fool the real Sanzo-ikkou but it backfired. WHAM!!!!!!!!!! The fakes learns another lesson that never ever mess up w/ the real Sanzo-Ikkou. Plus, they get another one from the people of the town and kougakuji-ikkou.

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