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Episode 34 - Second Contact Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 34 - Second Contact. Written by Marina R. C.
Homura and his companions are discussing about the two assassins, whom they have send to get the Evil Sutra from Genjo Sanzo. While a festival is taking place outside, Sanzo & co are relaxing by playing Mahjongg. Out of the blue Sanzo says that foolish actions could only get you killed, and we see someone hiding behind him and smiling at that comment. After a while Sanzo decides to go out to buy cigarettes. Of course Son Goku is accompanying him, hoping to get some food (watch out Goku! Paper fan!). Suddenly a man stands behind Sanzo and attacks the two. Hakkai and Gojyo are playing cards, when the house, in which they are staying in, explodes. The two assassins were quickly defeated, when Homura, Shien and Zenon appear. Son Goku tries to attack Homura, while Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo are dealing with Zenon and Shien. Homura dodges Goku\'s blows easily, so Goku thinks about removing his demon power limiter and decides not to do it. Homura laughs about that, repels Goku\'s punch and knocks him down. After saying that Goku has to get stronger, he vanishes. Soon his companions follow him. Later, Goku wakes up and swears that next time he would definetely beat Homura down.

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