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Episode 39 - Misty Rain Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Misty Rain . Written by Akura
Right, so it?s raining, and cuz of that, the Sanzo-ikkou can?t travel. So Sanzo is all depressed (see ep 6) sitting in his room, smoking and staring out the window. Then Goku comes in and tells him he bought the sugar (?) gauze mask (?!) and canned peaches (:P). Sanzo is about to light another cigarette, but Goku, as concerned as always for Sanzo?s health, grabs his lighter, telling him not to smoke. Then Goku feels Sanzo?s forehead, asking him if he has a fever. Sanzo slaps Goku?s hand away, and poor Goku looks like he?s about to cry! Sanzo kicks the table with the sugar, peaches, etc. over and tells Goku to get lost. Goku is really upset now, and runs off in the rain. Goku comes to the edge of this pool type thingy and sitting on top of the Buddha statue is none other than Homura! *drool* Homura and Goku fight a bit, and Homura tells Goku he?s weak. He knocks Goku down and lifts him back up, and breaks/dislocates his shoulder. Sanzo is smoking and Hakkai goes into his room with some food, and asks him to eat it. Sanzo doesn?t go anywhere near it. Cross back to Goku. He?s chained to the wall and Homura comes to see how Goku is. Gojyo is obviously worried about Goku, and goes out to find him. Of course, he hides his worry by telling Hakkai that he?s going to buy more cigarettes. He sees the Buddha statue, now cut in half. Then Zenon comes into the picture and tells Gojyo that Goku ain?t coming back. Gojyo lunges at Zenon, but Zenon disappears, leaving Gojyo with no choice but to go and tell Hakkai and Sanzo about what?s happened. Now we see Homura go up to Goku with a nikuman! This is so kawaii! And for once, Goku refuses food...o_O Homura asks Goku if he is afraid of anything. Goku denies it, and Homura tells Goku that they?re the same cuz they?re both alone in the world. He asks Goku to stay with them and promises to protect him and give him anything he wants. This is such a touching moment, so touching it?s funny... But Homura sees that Goku can?t be convinced and does something ultra cool. He runs his hands over Goku?s chains and his bonds snap open. Gojyo is explaining the situation to Hakkai and Sanzo. Hakkai agrees to help Gojyo to look for Goku. Sanzo says nothing and does nothing. Gojyo and Hakkai go to that place with the Buddha statue, only to be attacked by Zenon and Shien! After a bit of talking and fighting, Homura appears. Gojyo and Hakkai get their asses kicked. Hakkai gets shot in the leg, and Gojyo is getting strangled by Shien?s light whip thingy. But then, Sanzo to the rescue! *drool* He shoots the light whip so it snaps. Homura says something to him and he glances up, sees Goku and says to him ?You?re a waste.? Goku seriously looks like he?s gonna cry here! I wanna give him a nice big hug... So Goku jumps out of the tree (after a little flashback of Sanzo freeing him) and asks Sanzo ?If you didn?t need me, why did you free me?? Sanzo puts his hand on Goku?s head and Goku starts crying and says ?I don?t wanna be trouble for you...? So Sanzo explains that the rain always puts him in a bad mood and says ?The reason I freed you...was not because I needed a servant.? After this touching moment, Homura says that he?ll take Goku by force next time, and disappears. Next day the rain has stopped and it?s bright and sunny. Gojyo and Hakkai come to get Sanzo, and the 3 go outside to see Goku sitting in the jeep. Sanzo orders Goku to get him some cigs. Goku begins to argue but Sanzo begins to fire his gun. That?s the Sanzo we know and love! ^^

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Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Misty Rain . Written by Li_Mio
Sanzo is sick but not sick bec. of his bad mood in rain. Goku tries to cheer him up but bec. of Sanzo\'s bad behavior, Goku feels he\'s just a burden to him. Then he ran away leaving Sanzo standing. Gojyo & Hakkai don\'t know why he ran away.Then Goku has been captured by Homura.(poor guy.) And tell him not to join to his side but to be his sun. but Goku refuse. Then, Homura let him free. The Saiyuki-ikkou where figthing W/ Tempo and Jiun ( dunno the name.) when Homura appeard, Sanzo asked where is Goku, when he find out goku was hiding in a tree. after they talk, Sanzo pat on his het and tell him that something lyke if you are a burden to me, would I still took care of you? something lyke that. then, it was bact to normal again.

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Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Misty Rain . Written by Juliana
This episode is mainly about Sanzo and Goku. On a rainy day, Sanzo got sick but doesn\'t want anyone to take care of him, not even a doctor.(I guess)Goku, very worried about Sanzo, ran to get food and some cough pills for Sanzo. When he went back, he offered the pills to Sanzo but Sanzo asked him to get out and hit him. Very unhappy(and I mean EXTREMELY unhappy)Goku ran off and met Homura, who captured him. Homura wanted to be the \'sun\' of Goku but Goku still thinks that no one could ever replace Sanzo as the \'sun\'. Homura, in dissapointment, brought Goku back to Sanzo. One part is where Goku told Sanzo: I cared about you so much, but you never cared me, not even once. In that case, I\'d rather be in jail than to be out here with you! (Sanzo was a little shocked on the inside if you look carefully.) But Sanzo replied:Actually, I\'m not treating you like a servant, if I didn\'t care about you, would I have brought you up?

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Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Misty Rain . Written by Rory Pascual
The Sanzo-ikkou find themselves stuck in a small town because of a heavy deluge. Goku is particularly concerned about Sanzo, who hasn\'t eaten or talked to anyone in days. Of course, Hakkai and Gojyo are very much aware of Sanzo\'s dark moods during rainy days, but Goku is too overwhelmed with concern. He goes to Sanzo\'s room bearing cough drops, a gauze mask and a can of peaches. But Sanzo brusquely tells him that he\'s not sick. Insistent, Goku touches his brow to see if he has a fever, only to have his hand slapped away. Wanting to be alone, Sanzo kicks Goku\'s meager offerings to the floor. When Hakkai and Goku check on their road companions, they find Goku at the doorway who then flees in tears. Goku finds himself in the forest near a giant carved Buddha when he is attacked (his shoulder dislocated) and kidnapped by Homura. In the meantime, Hakkai brings Sanzo food and tells him that the rain too is something that he detests, he does not allow himself to be affected by it as much as Sanzo has. In a hidden cavern, Goku is chained to a wall by Homura, who promptly tries to convince the poor "saru" to go to his side. Although obviously hurt by Sanzo\'s behavior, Goku is reminded of his lonely years in Mt. Gogyo, and how he longed to be deep underground so he wouldn\'t have to see the sun. Seeing that Goku\'s loyalty could not be swayed, Homura frees him. Meanwhile, Gojyo, who is worried about Goku, learns from Zenon that Homura has the saru and that Goku will not be returning to them. He returns and tells Hakkai and Sanzo about this, but Sanzo says that it would be better if Goku did not return to their group, even hinting of betrayal. To this, Hakkai counters that he knows that Sanzo is worried about Goku, but if he continues on this kind of bad behavior, no one would believe him. As Hakkai and Gojyo race off to find their friend, they are promptly attacked by Zenon and Shien. Conveniently, Sanzo shows up (simply because the rain has stopped) and saves them. Homura appears and tells him that he has tried to sway Goku to his side. Sanzo senses Goku listening to their exchange up in a tree, and makes a derisive comment. Truly hurt this time, Goku confronts Sanzo, telling him if he is not needed, why did the monk set him free? As Sanzo lays a gentle hand over his forehead, Goku demands why he is not allowed to worry about Sanzo. He is concerned that it is always Sanzo who saves him, so why couldn\'t the monk permit an act of kindness that Goku gives to him? Sanzo asks Homura what he told Goku. But Homura says "Nothing". Inwardly, however, the Toushin Taishi says that he "Goku needs the Sanzo\'s shine. He could never be the sun" that Sanzo is. Homura & co. leave but with the threat that he will take Goku forcibly next time. When they\'re alone, Sanzo tells Goku that the rain puts him in a bad mood, and that he never wanted to have a servant. To this Goku remembers how Sanzo freed him from his prison and gave him a world that was much brighter than the sun. Ironically, the next day, Sanzo is back to his normal, cranky self, and orders Goku to buy him cigarettes, sour kelp and frozen oranges. When Goku asks why he is ordering him around, when he said yesterday he didn\'t need a servant, Sanzo fires his gun in the air. Not even Gojyo and Hakkai could get a single word in because Sanzo kept on shooting.

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Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Misty Rain . Written by Peach
It all starts out with Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai during a rainy day.Goku rushes ahead of them while Hakkai reminds him not to go too fast or he\'ll drop the food.Hakkai tells Gojyo that Goku\'s only worried about Sanzo.Gojyo tells him that it\'s unusual for Sanzo to get sick.Hakkai told him that it was because of the long rain.Later,we find Goku in the place they were staying in and founds Sanzo that he\'s not in bed.Goku tells him that he brought cough candies for him.Sanzo however tells him that he\'s not sick and tells Goku to get out then hits him.Surpised at how Sanzo reacted Goku ran away.We later see him at the falls and was asked by Homura if he was bullied.In this episode Goku nearly changed sides due to Homura\'s persuasion but in the end they all continue their never ending journey.

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