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Episode 4 - Crimson Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 4 - Crimson. Written by Rory Pascual
Goku is furious with Gojyo for cheating him at cards. As they brawl in the back, Goku crashes into Hakkai, causing Hakuryu to go out of control that they end up splashing into a pond. As an infuriated Sanzo attempts to drown the troublemakers, they hear the laughter of a young woman, named Shunrei. To apologize for laughing at them, she invites them to her home and lends them some fine clothes. They learn from her aunt that the clothes belonged to Shunrei\'s youkai fiance, who disappeared from the village after he was affected by the evil wave. Gojyo is shocked to learn that the youkai\'s name was Jien. Curious at Gojyo\'s reaction, Goku asks his friends what\'s wrong. Hakkai reveals that Jien is Gojyo\'s missing half-brother who is a full-blooded youkai. Sanzo further explains that Gojyo is a taboo child, born from the union of a youkai father and a human mother, that is said to cause great misfortune. As his friends are talking in their room, Gojyo is making a move on Shunrei, with the added purpose of learning something about his brother. But when Shunrei cries at the memory of her lost love, Gojyo remembers the tears that his stepmother had shed when she was about kill him and later Jien weeping because he was forced to kill his own mother to save Gojyo\'s life. The next morning, Shunrei overhears from a neighbor that a silver-haired demon and his gang has killed some people in the forest. She runs off, thinking that this youkai is her long lost Jien. Awakened by her aunt, the Sanzo-ikkou run after Shunrei and save her just in time from three youkai (the silver-haired demon is not Jien). Later, Shunrei wakes up to find her four saviors gone, but Gojyo left a promise that they would accomplish their mission so that her love would go back to normal and return to her. On the road, Gojyo is visibly relieved. It turns out that Shunrei\'s fiance is not his brother Jien, since his brother does not have silver hair. Meanwhile, in Tenjiku, the youkai who is behind the Gyumao resurrection experiment, Gyokumen Koushu, is telling Gyumao\'s son Kougaiji that she desires the world, and even asks the young youkai to call her "mother". As it turns out, Kougaiji\'s mother Rasetsunyo is kept imprisoned in a stone pillar by a powerful magic spell. Because he is determined to free his beloved mother, Kougaiji swears to fight anyone and everything that gets in the way of this very important goal.

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