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Episode 41 - Collage Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Collage . Written by Rory Pascual
Kenren is walking through the hallways of God\'s palace when a running Goku bumps into him. To get rid of the poor saru\'s pursuers, not only does he say he knows Goku, he even adds that the saru is his love child. Retreating to the garden, Kenren learns that Goku is looking for Nataku, and tells him that the Toushin Taishi had gone down to earth and would be returning soon. As they talk, Kenren attempts to lift Goku and is shocked by how heavy he is. When Goku explains it\'s because of his shackles, Kenren is stunned that a boy could carry such a heavy burden and wonders if he truly is a dangerous creature. A soldier interrupts them, saying that Nataku has arrived, but is seriously injured from his battle with Gyumao. A wounded Nataku enters the gates of Tenkai, refusing all help, but he collapses into the arms of a worried Goku. Kenren visits Tenpou and voices his observation that the Army that accompanied Nataku were virtually unscathed. He also mentions that he has met Goku at last, but he couldn\'t believe that a heretical creature could be dangerous, and actually pities the saru. Goku, on the other hand, is taking care of Nataku all by himself (even voicing his displeasure that his friend\'s guardians left Nataku in a dark room alone). As their friendship is strengthened, Nataku promises to take Goku to his favorite place. Konzen, who is searching for Goku, finds the saru sleeping in Nataku\'s room. The next morning, Tenkai is a-bustle with preparations for the festival of God\'s birthday. Although Konzen doesn\'t wish to attend, he is forced to because of the pleading look of Goku. Kanzeon Bosatsu is also unwilling to attend, but she knows that something interesting would happen, especially with Konzen, Goku, Tenpou and Kenren wandering around below. Sure enough, Goku gets separated from Konzen and bumps into some kami, who start insulting his guardian, insinuating that Konzen is a pedophile. Goku gets riled up and blasts the kami. Before they could retaliate, they are stopped by Tenpou. Then, Kenren shows up and practically incites a full brawl by daring anyone who has a grudge with him to simply come forward and attack him. The three friends start fighting, with Goujun and Litouten watching on in disapproval, while Nataku is eager to be free to join Goku. At that moment, a furious Konzen appears and scolds Goku. Taking full responsibility for his friend\'s actions, he orders them to go with him, using them as an excuse to leave the boring festival. As they walk off, they pass by Homura, who gazes at them in envy and with longing.

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