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Episode 42 - Festival Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 42 - Festival . Written by Rory Pascual
Shien is standing on a hill overlooking the village of Saika, wondering what it is about the place that drew the avid attention of Nataku. At that moment, the Sanzo-ikkou are dining in a restaurant. They learn from the waitress that they are holding a festival to celebrate the yearly descent of a God into their midst. However, their interest in the festival wanes when they learn that the god in question is actually Shien. Sure enough, in Konran Tower, Shien is preparing to go to Saika. Zenon tells him that he shouldn\'t do this, adding that he was not responsible for Nataku\'s condition. Still, Shien chooses to go, saying he needs the exercise. Meanwhile, Lirin, who is hiding from Dr. Huang, learns from Dr. Nii that Homura defeated her brother and was able to get the Seiten Kyoumou. Learning of the descent of a god in Saika, she hurries off, not noticing that the evil scientist has placed a bug on her person. On the hill, Shien is practicing with his whip. In truth, Shien is feeling guilty for not allowing the Army to back up Nataku during his fight with Gyumao. It turns out that he and Nataku were close, judging from the memory of the former Toushin Taishi\'s revealing to him that he has a new friend, in the person of a then nameless Son Goku. Shien wonders if he is making up for his abandonment of his friend by siding with Homura, who took Nataku\'s place. At that moment, Lirin appears and promptly attacks the kami. As he fights back, Shien thinks it a twist of fate that he should be here fighting with Gyumao\'s daughter in Nataku\'s favorite place. Not too far away, the Sanzo-ikkou run into Yaone, who is desperately searching for Lirin. They rush to the scene of the fight and snatch the young youkai to safety, but they are pursued by Shien. In order to shake him off, Hakkai, Gojyo, Goku and Yaone hurry off to face him, while Sanzo goes to safety with Lirin (whom he punched in the stomach, since she was determined to help Hakkai and the others). During their brief battle, Shien is reminded of Kenren, Tenpou and Goku 500 years ago. Facing the saru, he is shocked when Goku destroys his whip. The fight over, Shien vanishes and returns to Konran Tower, showing Homura and Zenon his ruined whip, saying that it\'s time. Meanwhile, at the festival, Lirin steals Sanzo\'s and Goku\'s food, causing the saru to give chase. They discuss Shien and Sanzo says that they kami\'s mind is in a whirl of hesitation, that\'s why he attacks before it overwhelms him, just like them. On the other hand, Lirin is virtually unaware that Dr. Nii is studying her via the bug.

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