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Episode 43 - Tears Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 43 - Tears . Written by Rory Pascual
The Sanzo-ikkou encounter a caravan in ruins. A dying man is found, who said that a band of youkai attacked them and captured his companions. At Konran Tower, Shien reports to Homura and Zenon of a rumor that one of the Holy Sutras could be found in Koton village. Although it\'s a longshot, Zenon goes there to investigate. When he arrives, the village is being attacked by youkai, and readily kills them with his machine gun. Gojyo and Goku also show up and dispatch the demons who are attempting to escape through the gate. Their attention was then drawn to a youkai who has taken a boy hostage. With Gojyo serving as diversion, Zenon easily shoots the youkai, saving the boy\'s life. Later that night, Zenon learns from his two enemies that Sanzo and Hakkai had taken the dying man to a doctor. In answer to Gojyo\'s question, the kami says that he and his companions are not responsible for the ambush, meaning that it\'s caused by the Gyumao side. Retiring for the night in his chamber, Zenon meets the boy, named Shunei, whom he learns has lost his parents from evil youkai. This causes him to remember the loss of his wife Mirei and son at the hands of a youkai. The next morning, Zenon walks around town, but finds no information regarding the sutra. He chances upon Shunei being bullied, and he takes it upon himself to teach the boy how to defend himself. Gojyo watches in amusement as the kami teaches the boy how to fight. During a brief break, Shunei reveals that the sutra is being protected by the villagers and agrees to take Zenon to where it\'s hidden. Meanwhile, Sanzo and Hakkai bury the dead man, and learn that Koton village is the base of an evil souleater named Ikaku, who keeps his victims alive in order to use them for his purposes. At that moment, Shunei leads Zenon to an old temple. As they go inside, Zenon reveals to the boy that he too had lost his family to youkai and begs Shunei not to die because someone will regret it. When they reach the room where the sutra is hidden, Shunei hesitates but Zenon enters and tells him that even if the sutra is not inside, he will not blame the boy. Then, Gojyo and Goku show up, saying it\'s a trap, learning about Ikaku\'s scheme through Shunei\'s grandparents. Before Zenon could get away, a ceiling of spikes crashes down on him. Shunei begs Gojyo and Goku to help him, but they are forced to escape as Ikaku causes the temple to crumble all around them. As they emerge, they find themselves surrounded by Ikaku and his band of youkai. Shunei\'s parents, who are actually alive, beg Ikaku to spare their son, but to no avail. Suddenly, the youkai are killed off one by one. Zenon is alive! Shunei runs to the kami, saying sorry, but Zenon reveals that he knew the truth, that the boy\'s tears were not out of sorrow of losing his loved ones, but out of fear of losing them in the future. Together, Zenon, Gojyo and Goku, with a little assist from Shunei, make short work of their adversaries. Before Goku could charge at Ikaku, Sanzo and Hakkai arrive, shouting for the saru to stop. Zenon, however, shoots Ikaku. To his horror, Shunei collapses to the ground. Hakkai sadly explains that since Ikaku died, the souls he devoured in his stomach will disappear, causing everyone, including Shunei, to die. As Shunei lay dying in Zenon\'s arms, he wonders if this is his punishment for lying to the kami. Before he passes on, he promises to be good friends with Zenon\'s son in the afterlife. Later, as the sun sets, Zenon is seen standing over Shunei\'s grave, with the Sanzo-ikkou watching him. He prays to Shunei that he get along with his son.

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