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Episode 44 - Plunderer Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Plunderer . Written by Rory Pascual
Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo are inside a chapel lighted with hundreds of candles, with a band of evil youkai standing before them. Sanzo easily dispatches many of them with his gun. Then, Goku crashes through the window, raring to end the fight quickly so they could eat. Homura has a vision of himself, secured by a chains with an axe pendulum slowly swinging down on him. He remembers his lost love Rinrei, images of Konzen, Kenren, Tenpou and Goku from 500 years ago, and he wonders what he truly desires. "A new world?" Homura then stands from his throne. Asked by his subordinates to simply order them, he tells Zenon and Shien that it\'s time and they march out of Konran Tower together. Meanwhile, Gojyo and Hakkai are shocked that Goku is able to finish most of the youkai in 5 minutes. When Gojyo remarks that the saru may not need them any longer, Sanzo falls into a moody silence. Later that night, Sanzo\'s party and Homura & co., meet in a crowded village. Homura demands the Maten Kyoumou, but Sanzo refuses. Still, Homura gives them till morning to think it over, with their final battle to take place on the burial hill overlooking the town. That night, the Sanzo-ikkou are tense about the coming fight, but Sanzo brusquely tells everyone to just eliminate whoever gets in their way. He and Goku go out for a stroll, with the saru actually succeeding in convincing the crabby monk to buy him a pork bun. Meanwhile, Gojyo and Hakkai are drinking in a bar, wondering if they could beat the kami, especially since they hate to lose. Shien and Zenon show up at the same bar, and essentially end up saying in their brief exchange with the two men that they "don\'t expect you to be good". In his room, Goku couldn\'t sleep, excited about the coming battle with Homura, even going so far as to ask an insomniac Sanzo if it\'s going to be clear the next day. Sanzo says it won\'t rain because there are stars twinkling in the sky. The next morning, at the appointed place, Sanzo still refuses to give up the Maten Kyoumou to Homura. As the battle rages, for awhile, it seems that the Sanzo-ikkou could hold up against the kami. A much stronger Goku even manages to kick Zenon away and punch Homura in the face. But then, Homura slams Goku\'s head on the ground. Shien just as easily takes care of Hakkai while Zenon holds back Gojyo. Homura charges at Sanzo with his sword, but Sanzo is able to block it with his gun. But then, with an upward sweep of his blade, he slashes through the monk\'s breastplate, sending him floating through the air. Touching the tip of his sword to the point between Sanzo\'s eyes, the Maten Kyoumou is activated. In a few minutes, Homura possesses the sutra with Sanzo lying at his feet. The kami tells Gojyo that if they want the sutra back, he should tell Goku to get it from him at Konran Tower. Sanzo rouses briefly to shoot at Homura, but is unable to kill the kami. As Sanzo collapses to the ground, with Gojyo and Hakkai rushing towards him, Homura, Zenon and Shien vanish.

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