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Episode 45 - Glorious Days Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 45 - Glorious Days . Written by Rory Pascual
In a small hut near a river, Gojyo and Hakkai are watching over a wounded and still unconscious Sanzo. Goku arrives with eleven fish. Noting that the saru wants to be cheerful, the two friends decide to join in Goku\'s banter. However, as night deepens, Goku is still unable to sleep and he asks Hakkai if Sanzo is going to be all right. Although Hakkai says he\'ll be fine, he and Gojyo are not all that hopeful that he would survive the night. Sanzo, in the meantime, is dreaming about his life in Tenkai as Konzen Douji. He and Goku are on their way to Tenpou\'s chamber, with Kanzeon Bosatsu noting in amusement that this is the first time she got to see her surly nephew following someone around. In Tenpou\'s chamber, the two are immediately set to work to clean up the dirty room, with Tenpou revealing to a shocked Konzen that Nataku was again about to be sent on another sortie, even though he hasn\'t healed from his wounds against Gyumao. They also talk about the fact that Goku and Nataku shouldn\'t be friends, especially since Litouten views him as a threat. Observing the saru, Tenpou marvels at the fact that Goku has mastered reading and writing, especially if the subject appealed to him (namely food). He is also surprised when Konzen actually requests to borrow a book from his library for him to read. Meanwhile, Nataku is dreaming about taking Goku to his secret place when he is awakened for his audience with God. Sure enough, he is again ordered to go on another mission. However, Kenren steps forward and asks that the Western Army be sent this time, in order for Nataku to heal. Goujun is shocked and Litouten appalled by Kenren\'s audacity. Unfortunately for Kenren, Nataku is too obedient to his father. Still, when Nataku leaves, he jabs Kenren in the side and thanks him. Helpless, Kenren could only clench his fist tightly as Litouten tells him to put a rein on his behavior. Goku goes to visit Nataku, only to be told that he\'s not well to receive visitors. His gift of a garland to his friend, unknown to him, is thrown away and later on picked up by Kanzeon Bosatsu. Because of his defense of Nataku, Kenren is beaten, tortured and thrown in the dungeon. Goujun, who comes to free him, says he could\'ve made that suggestion to God, and he wouldn\'t have been punished. But Kenren says that Nataku\'s jab was more painful and that it disappoints him to see Nataku acting like a man when he\'s only a child. What hurts him most is Nataku\'s being unable to say how much it hurts. Afterwards, Kenren is seen being bandaged to a chair by Goku. Tenpou is definitely very angry with Kenren, especially when he learns that the insolent Taisho has been dismissed. Ordering Goku to stay guard, Tenpou goes off to confront Litouten, ordering the evil kami to cancel the dismissal of Kenren. He also adds that Litouten shouldn\'t have that great a power over the Army, especially since he is only placed in that position because of Nataku. Litouten then pinches Tenpou\'s face between his fingers and makes the insinuation that he and Kenren are in a "relationship". Tenpou punches him, but he is quickly subdued by the guards, and is kicked in the face by Litouten. Before Litouten could do further damage to him, Goku, at the order of Kenren, shows up and punches the evil kami. As he takes Tenpou away, Goku warns Litouten that he will beat him up if he should bully his friend again. Later, the trio show up in Konzen\'s office. Konzen thinks that Tenpou and Kenren got Goku involved in some of kind trouble. When Kenren invites Goku to go see Nataku as he leaves for his sortie, Tenpou remarks to Konzen that he couldn\'t bear to see Goku\'s smile lost if he should be asked to stay apart from Nataku. As he later on learns the truth from Kanzeon Bosatsu, Konzen curses himself for not knowing what is going on. Meanwhile, Goku is calling out to Nataku. Before Nataku could greet him, Litouten lays a hand on his shoulder. Goku is heartbroken as his friend marches by, ignoring him. At that same moment, Kanzeon asks Konzen if he could still stay as the son for Goku. At Kanzeon\'s question, Sanzo awakens. He goes out and stairs at the river and then at the rising sun. He hears Goku call out to him. As if nothing has happened, he asks Goku if he had a nightmare. At this point, Goku begins to cry and babble, his way of expressing his relief at seeing Sanzo all right. Even Gojyo and Hakkai are standing before the hut, smiling as well. Goku is about to hug Sanzo, but the monk simply walks past him and says "Let\'s go!"

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