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Episode 46 - Chaos Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 46 - Chaos . Written by Rory Pascual
The Sanzo-ikkou are driving to Konran Tower. Homura is sitting on his throne, breathing heavily. As they stop before the Tower, all are eager for a fight, and Sanzo orders them to charge. Sensing their presence, Homura opens his eyes and smiles, saying that "they\'re here". In another part of the Tower, Shien wonders about the new world that they are about to create, and what would happen after. He admits that he is hesitant about everything. He remembers Nataku, saying that they disobeyed Heaven to fulfill this play. He asks what would the former Toushin Taishi do if he hadn\'t closed his mind to the world. Shien smiles, as he himself provides the answer -- that Nataku would\'ve stopped them. He suspects that Konzen and his friends have suffered deep sorrow, both in their previous and present existences. Perhaps the creation of a new world without sorrow would be enough for all of them. At this moment, the Sanzo-ikkou break through the closed doors. But they are immediately met by Gairu and his Holy Evil Army. The four friends, however, are determined to fight their way to Homura. Meanwhile, in a special chamber where a large circular diagram is drawn in the center, Homura has the sutras, but then he falls to his knees in pain, and whispers that he should hurry up. Shien and Zenon show up. Using themselves and the two sutras, they begin to gather the energy that is necessary to create the new world. However, the key to creation, the one who will be placed in the middle of the circle, is needed, and that is Son Goku. Meanwhile, Heaven is in an uproar over what Homura and co. are doing and God orders the dispatch of the upper levels. Kanzeon Bosatsu, however, reveals that this event is long been expected. As she goes to deal with the problem in Tenkai, she whispers to Konzen to do whatever he wants, in his own way. However, it\'s easier said than done. The Sanzo-ikkou discover that their foe have been given eternal life. No matter how many times they are struck down, they always return to life. In the end, Hakkai tells his friends that he alone would be sufficient in dealing with the enemy. Despite the apprehensions of Goku and Gojyo, Hakkai tells them to believe in him, and they go off, with Hakuryu in tow (Hakkai fears that he might end up killing the little dragon.) to the higher levels of the Tower with Sanzo. When they are finally gone, Hakkai approaches the enemy, cracking his knuckles in eagerness for the battle. As the youkai attack Hakkai en masse, he removes the demonic power control limiters from his left ear, letting them fall to the ground, as he roars in fury.

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