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Episode 47 - Guilty or Not Guilty Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 47 - Guilty or Not Guilty . Written by Rory Pascual
In Tenkai, the gods talk about Homura\'s treasonous act and demand that a new fighting god be appointed to subdue him. Kanzeon Bosatsu shows up, however, and tells him that there\'s no one who could be a Toushin Taishi, especially since Nataku is still catatonic. She says that all they can do is sit and watch, because that is what gods do after all -- they only witness. In Konran Tower, Sanzo, Goku and Gojyo easily dispatch the youkai who attempt to block their path. Hakkai, on the other hand, removes his power limits and transforms into a powerful youkai. Behind the closed doors of the hall where the gentle youth is at, there is a mighty roar. Reaching another chamber, Gojyo kicks the door open, only for them to discover a sumptuous feast laid out for them. Eager for a free meal, Goku runs to the feast, but he is bopped by Sanzo on the head, who says he doesn\'t he know a trap when he sees one. Then, several kami, bodyguards of Homura, appear, saying that the feast is not poisoned and that this happens to be their last meal. Gojyo saunters over to the table and kicks it over. Goku complains about this but Gojyo blocks his path with his scythe. He then tells Sanzo and Goku to go ahead, so he could take care of the kami. Meanwhile, Homura and co. finish the first phase of their plan. All they need to do is to retrieve Son Goku to finish it. In the dining hall, Gojyo dispatches the kami one by one. The kami are surprised by his fighting style and immediately recognize him as Kenren Taisho. Outside Konran Tower, Kougaiji and his friends arrive. As Gojyo defeats the kami, Hakkai shows up, very weak, complaining of not having fought so seriously in a long time. Suddenly, the last kami wraps his beads around Gojyo\'s arms and, before he dies, cast a Spell of Expiation upon him, a spell that would cause him to fight against an inescapable past. Sure enough, who should appear than Gojyo\'s stepmother, who floats towards him and nearly slashes his face. He retaliates by hitting her with her scythe, and red flowers bloom around her. As he remembers his tragic past, Gojyo finds himself succumbing to weakness and falls to a sitting position on the floor, shielding his head, as the wraith pummels him with blows. Poor Hakkai is unable to do anything to help him. Sanzo and Goku arrive at their destination, only to notice how quiet their surroundings are. Obviously, they have reached their destination. Opening the doors, Homura, Zenon and Shien were waiting for them inside. Homura approaches them and Sanzo shoots him with his gun, but it does not work. Instead, he shoots down the chandelier above Homura\'s head, sending it crashing to the ground. Homura, however, had moved out of the way. He then sends Hakuryu and Sanzo crashing to the wall, and secures them with chains. Poor Goku is left to fight all three kami. He gave as good as he got, making Homura and co. comment how much he had grown stronger. In the end, however, Goku is defeated, and he is carried off by Homura, while Zenon and Shien are left behind to kill Sanzo. Before Zenon could shoot him, Kougaiji and Lirin appear. On the other hand, Hakkai begs Gojyo to fight back. Seeing his friend unable to do anything, he hurls an energy beam at the wraith only to have it pass right through her. It looks like Gojyo is resigned to die. But then, Dokugakuji appears and tells him that there\'s no such thing as an inescapable past and that he should open his eyes and confront it head on. This awakens Gojyo from the spell and he destroys the wraith with his scythe. In the magical chamber, Homura lays Goku in the center of the circle and he removes the power control device from his brow.

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