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Episode 48 - Absolutely Heaven Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 48 - Absolutely Heaven . Written by Rory Pascual
Homura removes Goku\'s power control device, causing the saru to writhe as he transforms into the Seiten Taisei. The power causes the chamber to crack and the pillars to crumble, and a black void to form above Goku. Weakened from the strain, Homura falls to his knees, gripping his chest. Kougaiji and Lirin face Zenon and Shien respectively. Kougaiji manages to down Zenon with a fiery blast. As the kami gets to his feet, he remembers what he is supposed to do, namely to kill Sanzo. As he shoots, the bullets hit the wall above Sanzo\'s head. Gojyo had used his chained scythe to yank Zenon\'s gun. Gojyo and Hakkai demand to know what happened to Goku. Sanzo is unable to answer. Then, he hears Kanzeon Bosatsu ask him if he could still be the sun for Goku. At this, Sanzo walks away to go after Goku, with Kougaiji tailing after him (wanting to restore his pride), leaving Gojyo, Hakkai and the others to take care of Zenon and Shien. Meanwhile, Homura watches as a new world is being created inside the glowing white ball, the sight of which awed Goku (saying it\'s shining like the sun). Then, as all settles down, there are two doors. Goku floats to a standing position and, with a snarl, slashes Homura in the left shoulder, sending him crashing to the wall. Hearing Homura\'s scream, Kougaiji and Sanzo rush up, shocked to see the two doors and the discarded power control device. Goku lunges at Kougaiji, and they fight, and sends the youkai crashing as well. He then kicks out at Sanzo, causing the monk to let go of his gun. Kougaiji grabs the gun and shoots at Goku. Sanzo goes between them, saying that the saru needs to be punished. But Kougaiji insists that he be the one to face Goku. Leaping high into the air, the two immediately square off. Poor Kougaiji, however, is no match for the Seiten Taisei and is brutally beaten. Below, Hakkai is defending the others from the attacks of Zenon and Shien, telling the kami that it is just a waste of time to fight a meaningless battle. Shien, however, tells him that fighting is the proof of life to those who stay at Homura\'s side. He then removes the band of his hair, ready to unleash the full fury of a kami. Sure enough, Shien starts cracking his whip in a flurry, destroying both Gojyo\'s and Dokugakuji\'s weapons. Hakkai desperately raises a barrier to protect everyone, saying his power won\'t last long. Hakuryu flies to his side and helps out. In a last ditch attempt, Hakkai sends a concentrated beam towards Shien. Shien tells him that that won\'t work, but Hakkai asks then why does he looks so pained. Hakkai then reveals Shien\'s weakness -- that the kami is running away from the pains of his past, that his strength is only on the surface. Indeed, Shien remembers how he had failed Nataku. When Hakkai called him a coward, that distracted Shien enough for the beam to hit him fatally. Homura is horrified to sense his friend dying. But Shien apologizes that he could not accompany to Homura to the new world, thanking him for giving him a wonderful dream. Before he dies, Shien thanks Hakkai for giving him the opportunity to fight him. A huge explosion wracks Konran Tower. Hakkai and Hakuryu both collapse in exhaustion. Zenon gazes bitterly at the disintegrating whip that was all that remained of his friend. Saying that he is seek of doing nothing while his friends die, he tears off his eye patch. As Gojyo and the others look on in horror, Zenon transforms into a powerful youkai. Up in the tower, Sanzo faces Goku, but not before telling Homura to be ready to die and to wait for him. Homura says sorry to Zenon and Shien and enters the doors.

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