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Episode 49 - Missing Desire Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Missing Desire . Written by Rory Pascual
As Kougaiji lies unconscious, Goku and Sanzo face each other. Sanzo is momentarily distracted by a crumbling pillar. When he lifts his head, he sees Goku bearing down on him. Homura is in the world he has created. Below, the others falter before Zenon, sensing how powerful he is before he could even attack them. Zenon is ready to attack them. As Homura watches the puzzle of the new world fall into completion, he remembers his lonely past -- of being kept in a dungeon from childhood to manhood for being a heretical creature (his father is a human and his mother is a kami), the inevitability of his death the only thing that he looks forward to. When God frees him from his cell, he encounters only loneliness in Tenkai, saying that it\'s a life without meaning or purpose, a life that is no better than being dead. But then, he meets Rinrei, who gives him a purpose for living. (Of course, as we all know, he loses Rinrei in the end.) Meanwhile, Dokugakuji is sent crashing into a pillar. At the suggestion of Yaone, all of them attack Zenon en masse. Unfortunately, they are no match for the kami. Gojyo stops Zenon before he could kill Dokugakuji. Both Gojyo and Hakkai stand to face Zenon. Sanzo barely evades Goku\'s slashes. During a short breather, Sanzo asks the saru if he intends to finish him at the next attack and smiles, saying "Fine." As Goku charges at him, Sanzo seizes the saru\'s fist in his left hand. With his right, he touches Goku\'s brow, creating a golden glow. When he removes his hand, the power control device is back in place. As Goku collapses in his arms, Sanzo realizes that like Komyo Sanzo, he has found something he wanted to protect in Goku. On the other hand, Goku sees fleeting memories of Konzen Douji, remembering his voice that now belongs to Sanzo, and how Konzen/Sanzo had brought him to a world that is brighter than the son. At this point, Goku awakens, complaining that he\'s hungry, for which Sanzo promptly bops him with his fan. Goku even thanks Sanzo for calling him. Although Sanzo insists that he had not called Goku, a rare smile forms on the monk\'s face. Together, they walk through the doors. In the hall below, Gojyo and Hakkai refuse to give up against a surprised Zenon, fueled by Sanzo\'s words to survive. Before Zenon could deal the final blow to them, he suddenly clutches his head and starts screaming. Hakkai is horrified to see that the kami is in terrible pain, unable to control his ever increasing power. Fearing another explosion, and perhaps out of pity for the suffering Zenon, they both attack the kami. As Zenon dies, he remembers his massacred family, Shien and Homura. Telling Homura that he would go on to the next world ahead of him, Zenon sees his wife and son as he disintegrates into ashes. Meanwhile, in Homura\'s world, Goku says the place looks familiar to him. Sanzo informs the saru that once the glowing rock is destroyed, the new world will swallow up both Heaven and Earth, marking its completion. Goku immediately tells Homura that he will never accept this world. When Homura asks what their complaint about it is, Sanzo says that he hates it, although the other world is just as annoying. In the end, all are resigned to fight to stop Homura\'s plans from being completed.

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