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Episode 50 - Alone Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Alone . Written by BoY_J
The main thing is that goku and homura fought ...homura wanted to die fighting the most powerful enemy he had because as a fighting god it was considered rather honourable to die that way.. anyway goku was winning till homura unleashed his god powers and the upper hand was given to him but after some more intense action, goku won ....

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Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Alone . Written by Sanzo
The final battle was about to begin.Goku asked Sanzo if he could fight with homura and said "WHAT!" which leaves goku thinking "Yes".They fought each other several times but Goku gave Homura a shocking surprise punch.Then, Homura showedthe real power of the fighting gods by hitting goku several times.Homura noticed that the time has come for his world to become real.Sanzo knew that Homura wanted to fight until to the death.Goku was almost beaten but hited Homura,he died Goku doesn\'t feel like he has won Sanzo tells him to look to Homura wiht a smiling face.Before Homura died he told Goku that he wanted to thank him for killing him.Sanzo and Goku met the others Sanzo purified the world that Homura has created.AND they continued their jouney to the west.

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Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Alone . Written by Rory Pascual
Goku and Homura are about to square off against each other. Just to be certain, Goku asks Sanzo if he could beat the kami. Sanzo simply focuses his attention on the glowing rock, causing Goku to say "Thank you". Homura removes his cloak and raises his sword. Goku conjures up his staff and attacks. Homura reels back from the saru\'s blows and his sword is wrenched from his hand. One punch and he is sent flying several feet away. Homura notes that Goku\'s power has increased. Meanwhile, Gojyo, Hakkai and Hakuryu are on their way up to join their friends, battered and bruised. Homura again picks up his sword and sends a fire dragon to attack Goku, but the saru easily dispels the beast. He then knocks out the sword from Homura\'s hand and starts pounding the kami with a flurry of punches and a strong kick that sends him flying to the ground and knocking him out. Sanzo asks Goku if he\'s happy. Goku\'s answer is that he\'s very hungry. At this point, Gojyo and Hakkai arrive, with the latter suggesting that they couldn\'t let this new world prevail. Sanzo agrees with him. He fires his gun at the rock. As the glow vanishes, a black void opens above it, sucking up the created world. They are about to leave, but Homura awakens, a smile on his face. Saying that he doesn\'t need to give Goku a handicap, he removes his shackles. At once, Homura begins to burn with a fiery aura, his mismatched eyes glowing with a bright light. The force of his transformation into the Toushin Taishi is such that a crater is formed right where he stood. In the blink of an eye, he zips forward and kicks Goku, the saru hitting the rock, causing it to crumble. Homura picks up Goku\'s unconscious form and starts beating him, that Gojyo comments that this is a one-sided fight. When Hakkai remarks that this is the true power of a Toushin Taishi, Sanzo tells him that it is not. Sure enough, Homura is suddenly wracked by excruciating pain. Startled, an awakened Goku asks the kami what\'s wrong, but Homura punches him in the face. Sanzo approaches Goku and tells him not to hesitate -- because this is what Homura wants the saru to do to him. However, it\'s obvious to all that Homura is not well and not in fighting condition. Confirming what they have on their minds, Sanzo reveals that Homura created this new world because he wants a place to die. The glow in Homura\'s eyes fade and reappear as he struggles against the pain. Homura stands and walks painfully towards Goku, telling him to fight seriously. But it\'s perfectly apparent that Homura can no longer fight back, as Goku beats him mercilessly. In one last move, Homura leaps above Goku\'s head, heading towards Sanzo, shouting "Konzen!" Goku panics and wills his staff to elongate. To his horror, he notices that Homura\'s eyes are no longer glowing, but it\'s too late to take it back. The staff pierces Homura, sending the poor kami crashing into the corner of the doorway. Goku is furious, demanding to know why Homura didn\'t evade him. But the Toushin Taishi says that he was soundly beaten. He then reveals the truth -- that he is a heretic and, because he has human blood in his body, his life is limited. Homura doesn\'t want to die in Heaven, but since he is a Toushin Taishi, he wishes to die at the hands of someone who is stronger than him, namely Goku. He begs Sanzo to leave him in this world and to seal it. Homura adds that they\'ve always envied them from 500 years ago, being able to live without any regrets. When he went down to earth, he admits that this was the only time that he truly felt alive. Then, Homura lowers his head, his hand falling down, as he dies. Goku is truly disappointed, saying he feels he did not win. Hakkai agrees that it may be Homura who won, because it ended the way he wanted. As Goku flies into a tantrum, Sanzo tells the saru to look at Homura\'s smiling face. He then repeats the one thing his Master Komyo told him to preach: "Kill Buddha as you meet him, Kill the father as you meet him, never allow yourself to be captivated by anyone, just live as yourself in the way you are." Goku understands what Sanzo is trying to say, that Homura has chosen to live and end his life the way he wanted it to be. Sanzo then begins to chant, and using the Maten Kyoumou, seals up the world Homura had created in the flash of a bright light. In Heaven, Jiroushin tells Kanzeon Bosatsu that it\'s over. But she tells him that it\'s not, since the Sanzo-ikkou are still on their journey. Things have gotten back to normal, with Kougaiji returning the Seiten Kyoumou to Gyokumen Koushu, who orders the Gyumao revival experiment to resume. Lirin, being her usual mischievous self, is being pursued by Yaone. That night, the Sanzo-ikkou are sitting in the jeep. Gojyo is unable to sleep. Hakkai remarks that he saw a shooting star for the first time. Gojyo tells him not to make a wish, but Hakkai says that he would wish for everybody\'s health and safety. Gojyo gets pissed off at seeing Goku sound asleep and pinches his nose close. Hakkai then says regretfully that he couldn\'t think of a wish to make to the star. As Sanzo opens his eyes to listen to his companions, Gojyo remarks to Hakkai that maybe he doesn\'t need any wishes. At this answer, Sanzo smiles. The anime ends with the Sanzo-ikkou back on the road again -- Gojyo and Goku are quarreling over a dried cuttlefish, Sanzo about to lose his temper, waving his gun in the air, while Hakkai remarks "It\'s so peaceful!" The jeep swerves as Sanzo fires his gun in the air.

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Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Alone . Written by Ameera
Homura wanted to fight with Goku.Goku ask for Sanzo\'s permission, but Sanzo being as corrupted as he is, just said \'huh!\' and smoke which gives Goku an answer yes.Goku fight with Homura.Homura was thrown away by Goku\'s punch.He then showed his real fighting god power and beated Goku several times.But then he knew his time has come.Sanzo also knew that the only thing that Homura wants is to die.Homura then said that as he is a fighting god, he shall die fighting.And that means fighting with his strongest enemy.He did fought with Goku.Then he died.Somehow Goku feels as if he did not feel as if he won.But then Sanzo ask him to look at Homura\'s face.He is smiling.This shows that he is happy dying.Sanzo then use his Evil Sutra and purify the world Homura created.Then the Sanzo party continue their journey to the west.

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