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Episode 8 - Confront Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 8 - Confront. Written by Juliana
This episode is where Kougaji\'s stepsister, Lilin makes her first appearance. She overheard a talk about the evil sutra and decided to take it away from Sanzo. At a nearby town, Sanzo and the rest were stopping to get some stock when they met a fortune teller. His name was Qin Yi Se, and was Hakkai\'s previous enemy who raped his girlfriend, Kana(I think Hakkai has bad taste, choosing a non-pretty girl like Kana). QYS(short for Qin Yi Se, I\'m a little lazy to type)started to make the gang annoyed when QYS said that Hakkai had a never healed wound on his stomach. This is when a monster(I forgot its name)summoned by QYS attacked the town. Lilin came out here and beat up that creature, after that, she wanted a fight with Sanzo when Gojyo told Goku to fight her. Hakkai, made a little fun of Lilin and said she was a \'female Goku\'. Lilin was angry and attcked them when Sanzo grabbed onto her and passed her a meat bun to stop her from creating a fuss. Kougaji then showed up to get back his sister when Goku started a fight with Kougaji. Not to mention, it is also thefirst time Dokugakuji sowed up. He was Gojyo\'s brother. Hakkai\'s opponent was Yaone, what\'s funny is that in the comic, they bowed to each other before the fight. Later, the same monster appered but his one was bigger.

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